Cha-Cha Ruffles

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Wearing ruffles makes me want to cha-cha. This t-shirt dress, with ruffle sleeves, although more of a casual style, is no exception!

Looking for all the Latin American vibes to shoot this piece, I knew my Venezuelan amiga, Mary, could help me find the perfect place. Mexican food is very popular in South Africa right now. There are so many Mexican Restaurants offering authentic tacos or fusion meals, that we had lots of options!

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For the occasion we chose the Salsa Mexican Grill, in Centurion. We had such a good time with their welcoming atmosphere & decorations! Their tacos also didn't disappoint, but I personally loved their cactus plants all over & the Frida wall! (Frida was a very famous Mexican artist)

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Going back to my look, it makes me so happy to see ruffles everywhere! It's a trend, with beautiful designs on dresses, skirts, tops, shirts & even shoes... its basically the only accessory you need.

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I loved the combination of the ruffles & t-shirt dress! T-shirt dresses are such a versatile & comfortable piece to wear, that it's a staple in my wardrobe! This effortless, but still put together look, is my everyday style. Whether I'm on the go or I don't know what to wear, my t-shirt dresses come in handy.

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Are you also loving the ruffles trend?

Com amor


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Look details

Ruffle T-shirt Dress: Woolworths

Earrings: H&M

Mules: Legit

Photography: Mary Pires

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