Silky, our Gentle Giant

I always strive to make my blog a positive space where you can come to feel inspired. I also strive to be real & share parts of my life with you, through difficult times & struggles, so that it can hopefully help you get through yours. After all, we learn & grow from each other's experiences, that's one of the reasons why I love blogging. 

Let me introduce Silky, our gentle giant, Great Dane. Rather a sad story to write right now, but we have to accept the cycle of life. I know we should always find the good in everything, that's why I hope sharing this story with you, will help me heal. I'm sure if you are also a dog lover, you can relate to what I'm going through.


I remember when we saw the ad on the Great Dane Rescue, with Silky up for adoption, looking for her forever home & family. We were so drawn to her that we had to meet her. To be honest, because of her look, frame & stand, we thought she was a male! Although when we met her, originally we wanted to adopt a boy (which we also did) it didn't matter because we immediately fell in love with her. You know when you meet someone & you instantly click with them, like if you knew each other for a long time? That's how I felt with Silky. In some way my soul connected with hers & I just knew we where the right home for her forever after. I guess it's true when people say Great Danes not only look at you, they look into your soul!


Adopting her & having her in our lives for the past 18 months, has made us understand why Great Danes are considered gentle giants. She is a big girl, that at first comes across a bit intimidating, but her delicate & affectionate nature, makes you realise what a gentle girl she is. Her personality came through in the elegant way she walked & how composed she was. Although I'll never forget her playful side & how no car could drive by the gate without her telling them what she thought, with her old girl bark!

One of her favorite things to do was going for a drive. She liked the car so much that we couldn't open the boot around her, because she would jump in, even if the boot was full of things & she would'nt get out. She spent a few afternoons watching cars drive by from the boot of my car & even had a few naps, the only way to persuade her out of the car was with a treat.


The unconditional, loyal love our dogs give us is priceless, don't you agree? When Silky wanted our attention, she would give us her paw over & over again. When she was looking for mimos (cuddles) she would push her big head under our arms, although she was almost taller than me, she wanted a hug. She was not shy in showing her love.

When we adopted her, we already had a puppy Dane, Maia & the 2 of them became barking buddies & partners in crime. Maia actually brought out the young & playful heart in silky, they were so naughty together, it was amusing seeing them have such a good time.


One thing we didn't think much about, was that we were adopting an old girl & although we are grateful for the time we had with her, it feels like it went by too fast. At least I know the time she lived with us, she had a great quality of life, was happy & so loved.

Seeing her deteriorate really opened our eyes at how quickly life can change. Silky was in great condition, sure old, but full of life. We could see she struggled with her feet & hips a little, but we never imagined we would wake up one day & see her collapse. Since then she never managed to walk, stand or sit on her own again. We tried all the treatments to help her, but we knew this was something that couldn't be reversed. Her body was giving up. We could see her frustration, she so badly wanted to go bark at the gate with Maia, that my husband would carry her there & she would look, but it wasn't the same. Eventually, within a week of her limbs giving up, seeing her suffering was just too cruel. We were buying her time but no quality of life.


I think as pet owners, we get such a heartache of mixed feelings, when we have to make a decision for the good of the animal so they won't suffer anymore, but at the same time, we are selfish as we want more time with them, we don't want to let them go. We knew we couldn't do this to Silky anymore. She needed to & deserved to rest. 

We wanted to remember the good times with her, living a happy dog life. Not suffering & struggling in pain, that would have made this difficult decision much harder than what it was. It's not easy to accept she's no longer with us, there is an emptiness in our home, but she's left us with her pawprints in our hearts & the most special memories.


Thank you for reading about Silky.I hope that if you have also suffered such a loss that my post reminds you of the good times you had with your lost one, and that although we are sad to see them go, we need to celebrate the happy life that we played a part of.

Con amor


PS. My Silky, we are missing you dearly. We are so lucky to have found you & given you a loving home. We hope that you are at peace & that you are running & barking in dog heaven, until we meet again.