Wedding Anniversary Celebration

On the 25th January my hubby & I celebrated our Wedding Anniversary. I can't believe it's been 4 years of married life!

Although this post is not about our Wedding Day & I will share the special occasion with you in future. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to reminiscence with some of our favorite wedding pictures.


One of my goals for this year is to slow down & live in the present. In my quest to not take special moments for granted, I wanted to share what it means to us to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I'm sure we all married couples have similar reasons for why we celebrate it & I hope that this post will enlighten the significance of celebrating wedding anniversaries! 


Our wedding was only for a day, although i would of loved it if it lasted a whole weekend like a lot of couples do nowadays. Don't get me wrong, I have no regrets of what our amazing day was! It went by so quickly, that it makes me want to get married (to the same man) all over again! I love it that on our anniversary we talk about so many special memories we have of the day. It brings back so many feelings that I experienced on the day, like putting my wedding dress on, walking down the isle & kissing my husband for the first time... It fills my heart with joy! 

It gives us the opportunity to celebrate US & our love! We should do this everyday, but with busy lives & commitments, sometimes the day to day makes it difficult to celebrate each other, so having an occasion to acknowledge our union is special. To just sit down in each others company & appreciate one another means so much.


We reflect on our relationship. Our past, what we've been through, the things we've achieved, the highs, the lows & where we are now. I'm so grateful for our story & being together through it all. I'm sure I also speak for my hubby on this, as our unique journey has made us stronger & has united us to be the couple we are today. 

We also talk about our goals as a couple, plan our future & all the things we want to achieve together. It's perfect timing as it's only the beginning of the year! I hope every married couple does this to stay connected & in sink as the relationship grows & evolves.


I'm so happy that we keep the memories of our wedding alive celebrating our anniversary!

Con amor