Hola 2018


Every New Years Eve I make my wishes & set goals for the new year, filled with aspirations. Unfortunately, I haven't been very good at following through with them in the course of every new year. I'm on a quest to end this (I would like to call it) curse, in 2018!

With the thought in mind 'you don't get what you wish for, you get what you work for', I'm determined to work towards my dreams in the next 12 months.


My plan is not only to focus on a clean slate & new year, but to pause & look back at the journey 2017 has been. I know we must only look back to see how far we've come, in retrospect, I'm looking back to grow & motivate myself for a great year ahead.


Here is a list with some of my 2017 reflections & 2018 goals:

  • Although I've come far this past year, professionally growing my catering business & personally, I achieved my goal of launching my blog GUAPA. I didn't believe in myself enough & I doubted my decisions, making everything a bit of a frustrating journey. Looking back at how far I've come, I will work on trusting myself more & leaving any negative thought of doubt behind. 


  • 2017 was one of the fastest pace years I've had, that some memories are a blur. At the top of my 2018 list is to slow down & live in the present. I'm valuing so much right now to not take special moments for granted. To live in the here & now, not letting my thoughts wander me away from the present.
  • Every year my goal has been to be authentic to who I am. A part of living an authentic life is to embrace who we are. Going forward I believe I'm still finding my true self, life is a journey right? In this new year I will let go of who I think I have to be, for who anyway? & without limitations, simply be me.


  • In 2017 I learnt to accept things as they are & move on. It helped me live more at peace. However I've struggled letting go of the things I can't change. It's like I don't want to give up on them even though I've hit a dead end. I know I can't have control over the things I can't change so I will choose to stop the battle in my head & let it go.
  •  I can't count the amount of times I said in 2017 'everything in moderation'. Did I live up to my words? not really. I think it's because I haven't found the balance in everything I do. In the new year, I will work on finding the balance in my life, personally & professionally. 


  • Consistency is key. One of my biggest passions is fitness, I love being active & eating healthy. I started 2017 with so many fitness goals, to be in the best shape & to have the fittest year yet. Did i get into my best shape? No. Did I reach my goals? No. All I can say is I tried, for a few weeks. Then for a few weeks, work got crazy & I didn't have the time to keep up with my workouts & preparing healthy meals. I tried to get back on track but looking back at the year, I was on a roller coaster ride with my fitness. It takes me back to my previous point, I don't need to be the fittest. I need the balance in my workouts & diet to be consistent throughout the year.

I'm so grateful for the year I've had, filled with highs & lows, unforgettable experiences & learning lessons. I look forward to a great & challenging 2018!


What are your goals for the year ahead?

Happy New Year!

Con amor