Redefining Diets

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The word Diet has been associated with so many negative connotations, that now days it's a difficult topic & even makes people nervous to talk about.

The funny thing is that the term itself means "the kinds of foods that a person habitually eats" so basically your diet describes what you consume on a regular basis. Simply put, your diet is defined by your eating habits or what you are eating, that's all.

Unfortunately, in our modern society dieting has become a value of judgement & even shaming. If you are on a diet whatever your goal may be, it's seeing as a bad deed. Connected with unhealthy fad diet trends, of being deprived, restrictive & extreme are attached to it's meaning. 

It's time to change the way the word diet has been defined & embrace it with a new positive attitude. Your diet, being on a diet or dieting should be your lifestyle, rather than a quick, short-term fix.

There shouldn't be a deadline on your diet, your goals may have an end-date or change, but it's not like you'll ever stop eating, so your diet is constant. You are either making healthy or not so healthy food choices, which make up your eating habits.


Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or you don't really care, I hope you agree with me, our well-being is a priority. We want to feel comfortable in our skin, healthy & happy. That's why we should follow a diet that improves & maintains our well-being.

As with shoes, there is no "one size fits all" so finding a diet that works for you requires organisation, perseverance & discipline. Creating new habits takes time & so does achieving results. As long as you are being mindful about the food choices you are making, you shouldn't feel like following a diet is a dreadful experience.


There is nothing wrong in trying different ways of eating, ultimately to find the diet that fits in with your goals & works for you long term.

Your diet should compliment & enhance the beautiful life you are living. We are so lucky to be in a world filled with such great diversity, that we shouldn't feel restricted & punished by the way we choose to eat. Eat the rainbow, there is an immense variety of wholesome foods that can brighten up your life, make you feel good from the inside & look good on the outside.

What we eat & the food choices we make, affect our body in every level, including our mood. So look for balance in your diet, if you feel like eating something that is not so healthy, it's OK. You are listening to your body, you don't need to be hard on yourself by having guilt.

If you choose to be on a lower calorie diet, with the purpose to lose weight, it's also OK. It doesn't mean that is depriving or is detrimental to your health. It simply means that you are probably making healthier food choices over not so healthy ones, to achieve your specific goal.

That's why there shouldn't be any negative association with the word diet, if it's balanced & supports your well-being. Build a healthy relationship with food, one that nourishes you with goodness.

I hope this post helps you see diets in a positive light & you can embrace it to live beautifully.

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