Fit & Strong with HIIT


Are you keeping up with your 2018 fitness goals? I know as the months pile on, it's more difficult to prioritise your fitness & let work or simply, life, take over. If you started the year strong with a healthy exercise routine, I hope you have fallen in love with it & you are sticking to it.

If you are like me, finding the drive & motivation to exercise in the beginning is easy, but maintaining a routine that inspires me to keep on pushing, week after week, is more of a challenge.

That's why I started the year with one goal in mind, to find balance. I'm not training for a specific event, for summer or a flat tummy. I'm training to feel good, for my health & well-being, to be fit & strong. This is something that has inspired me to train, without the pressure of a deadline & the results are more than skin-deep.

I'm not hard on myself, if I want to exercise, I make it count & if I don't feel like moving, I go on with my day, with no guilt. Finding the balance in my exercise routine, has made it easy to find balance throughout my life. It has had a positive impact on my eating habits, my state of mind & even work. Instead of making exercise a chore, it has become a lifestyle.

Now, that doesn't mean that when I do make it to the gym or train at home, I take it easy. To get the most out of my workouts, I have found a routine that is quick, challenging & flexible, to keep things interesting & avoid falling into the same boring exercise routine.

I'm sure you've heard about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). If you haven't, I highly recommend you give it a try.

Before we talk about all the benefits & why i love it, let's get into what HIIT is. It's a style of training, consisting of intervals (20-60 seconds each), of cardiovascular (cardio - raises heart rate), anaerobic exercises (strength/weight training) & rest periods (recovery time).

Normally these kind of workouts are for no longer than 30 minutes, as you are pushing your body to the maximum (high intensity) with each exercise & they target your full body.

My favorite thing about this style of training, is it's flexibility. Great for any level of fitness, whether you are new to training or an active person, you can adapt it to your own capacity & needs. You can customise your own workouts, decide how long each interval is, how many & which exercises you want to include. You can also do your workouts anywhere, at the gym, at home or even on holiday. You can choose to do only body weight exercises, without the need of using any equipment, basically, it doesn't get more convenient than this, there are no excuses!

Apart from saving you time, being a flexible & personalised form of training, the top benefit of doing HIIT workouts, is that it burns fat & builds muscle at the same time. You are burning calories & shaping your body, in a shorter amount of time. Making you FIT & STRONG.


I haven't gone into a specific HIIT workout in this post, but maybe we can train together in future. Today I just wanted to introduce you to this great style of training & hopefully it will motivate to become & keep active. 

Remember, the key to staying consistent with any exercise routine, is to do something you enjoy. Whatever it is you choose to move, be it dancing, swimming or walking with your pet, make sure it makes you happy!

If you do HIIT workouts, share with me what you love most about them & if you are trying it for the first time, let me know what your thoughts are!


Con amor


Location: Virgin Active Collection Menlyn Maine

Photography: Sven Prinsloo