Skincare Routine with Juliette Armand


It's the end of a beautiful Easter weekend & I know how difficult it can be to get back to reality after some downtime. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start this post by sharing a quote to motivate you back into your routine.

"Good things come to those who hustle"


I strongly believe in this statement! If you want good to come your way, it's not only about getting things done & going through the motions of life. It's all about the hustle, the plan, structure & attitude behind everything you do. Having the hustling mentality that you can make things happen, with certainty & passion. 

So remember life is not just about getting things done, you need the drive & right attitude, good things will follow!

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I also wanted to share my Skincare Routine with you. As much as I believe in working hard & having the intent to achieve my dreams, I also believe in taking time to look after myself, on a daily basis. Now you might think there is nothing exciting about having a skincare routine & I agree, after a long day, past midnight, it's not my favorite thing to do. As I said it's all about attitude & how we approach things. I have the drive, in all aspects, to live my best life. That includes small routines that help me get there & looking after my skin is as much of a priority. 

The best advice I can give you when it comes to skincare is, make the investment. It's simple, you get what you pay for. Choosing quality products is crucial if you want to look after your skin properly & truly see results. That's why professional cosmetic brands are your best friends. Results speak for themselves, with high active ingredients & sophisticated formulas, once you've used professional beauty products, you won't want to use anything else!


One of my favorite professional brands is Juliette ArmandI've been using their products for a long time & considering it's a professional brand, their prices are not bad. However I know things can get expensive when you are adding products to your cart. This is why I keep my skincare routine simple & still get to use these beautiful & high quality products. My favorite part is that they have a personal approach about cosmetics, treating skin to it's specific mood & needs. 

Let's get into my skincare, in just 3 steps, I manage to do this routine (most) mornings & every evening.


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My favorite part of my skincare routine is cleansing. It feels so good removing all the dirt, sweat & stress of the day from my face! It's like I'm rejuvenating in 1 small step, leaving my skin refreshed. As I have combination skin, that's also dehydrated, I like cleansers that leave the skin feeling hydrated & moisturised. Also considering the cooler months are approaching, making my skin drier, I'm using the Hydra Cleansing Milk. This creamy cleanser is soft in texture & easily absorbed by the skin. It removes make-up & deeply cleanses the skin, without irritating it. 


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I've read on other blogs & I used to have the same idea, that toning is unnecessary, however I've realised that toning the skin after cleansing is a very important step. It removes excess oil & any dirt left behind by the cleanser, while regulating the skin's pH balance. Lately my skin has been looking dull & struggling with some breakouts. The Preparation Lotion is the perfect product to boost my skin's natural glow. With 5% AHA, helps to clear blemishes, brightens the skin & allows for faster penetration of the active ingredients in my moisturiser. Do you also love it when you feel products instantly having on effect on your skin? When I apply this toner with a cotton pad, I get a tingly sensation as it actively works on my skin & I love it!


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The final step of my skincare routine is with the DNA Repair 24h Cream. I'm not joking when I say this is a velvety textured miracle cream. It moisturises & regenerates the skin, combating time. Reinforcing the cell structure & stimulating the repair system of the skin. Like I said, it's a miracle cream! Making my skin feel supple & nourished throughout the whole day & night.  When I'm doing my morning routine, after moisturising, I also (& always) apply SPF.

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As part of my routine, I also exfoliate my skin once a week & go for facials once a month, to have my skin treated & examined by a beauty therapist.

As extras & when I can splurge, as I'm in my early 30s (turning 32 next week!) incorporating products that work deeper than a cream & for specific areas is important. Like an anti-age eye cream & a serum or mask are great addition to this basic routine.

Do you also have a skincare routine? If not, I hope this post inspired you to make your own routine & treat your skin with love.

Let's keep on hustling!


Con amor


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