Monthly Beauty Ritual

I love wearing make up, but I mostly do so for special occasions, I'm not sure if it's because I don’t make enough time for it on a daily basis (it takes me forever) or I just don't feel It's always necessary.

The one thing I do need every month, is my facial. Maybe I believe that you can only cover up so much with make up, at least myself, that I find it so important to have my skin looked after by a professional.

This 1 facial a month, makes me feel so rejuvenated & it keeps my skin on check. Although I would do it for the simple pleasure of the treatment & the instant glow, I learn so much about my skin & the right products I should be using at home, that it has become an essential beauty ritual.

I normally go to a lovely salon in Pretoria, run by an amazing somatologist, Nicole, who I'm lucky to call my sister in law. I'm not just saying she's amazing because she's family, but her passion for the industry & her desire to help her clients lives through her salon.

The type of facials I have done vary depending on my skin condition & the concerns I might have with my skin. Lately we've been doing the Skin Moods Facial, with Juliette Armand Skincare, focusing on my skin's current needs or specific "mood", which right now is a combination of both, oiliness & dry areas.

Let me take you through my 1 hour personalised facial:

First my skin is cleansed with the Sensitive Cleansing gel & toned with the Preparation Lotion, leaving my skin perfectly cleaned & ready to be exfoliated with the Dermabrasion Gel.

After extractions, which is like torture for me (my pain threshold is the worst!) 2 masks are applied to treat my skin conditions. Around the T-panel the Clarifying Mask is applied to treat blemishes & control oil production. Around my cheeks the Vitality Cream Mask is applied, to moisturise dry areas .

While the masks do their work, I have the most relaxing, neck & shoulder massage, that takes this treatment to the next level!

After the masks are removed, the facial comes to an end with the DNA Repair Serum & the DNA repair 24h Cream, leaving my skin so supple & revitalised.

Most importantly, before I walk out of the salon, Face Gel SPF 30 is applied to protect my skin from sun damage.

I'm so glad this treatment has become part of my monthly routine, the benefits I see & feel on my skin are so great, I can't wait for my next facial!

This is a more basic facial, but great value for money, specially if your are doing it regularly, costing around R350.

If you would like to book a facial contact Orabelle Health & Beauty:

call 0123477447/0825936697


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Con amor