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When dining out, I'm guilty of sticking to my routine & going to the same places I know. I guess it's easy to play it safe with the "I know what to expect" card. Am I the only one?

 Every now & then I step out of my comfort zone, to try something different & interesting. After doing my research & reading a few reviews of the new place that has caught my attention, I decide to take the plunge & experience it for myself. I agree, all this planning can lead to disappointments or high expectations, but we are lucky to have so much information at our fingertips nowadays, that I like to take advantage.

In the heart of The Village in Pretoria, there is a trendy restaurant, called CowfishWith a modern style, they offer a unique dining experience. Originally Cowfish caught my attention through instagram, the images of their food looked so appetising!

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Having a look through their menu, you can immediately see they are focused on fusion cuisine, offering the perfect meals for a weekend feast. With a smart selection, they cater to anyone's favorite meals, making it difficult to settle for only 1 dish.

They are also well know for their extravagant Flaming Gin Cocktail, which is a performance on it's own. Thank you to their attentive manager Bianca, for spoiling us with this experience. I don't really drink Gin, but surprisingly, I really enjoyed it!

When it came to choosing from their menu, we shared a variety of meals that you would normally say that was more of a starter, but actually left us very satisfied. The food was made with such a great punch of flavors & was seasoned so well, that we were wondering if the salt & pepper shakers were on the table for decoration.

Our selection from their menu:

HALLOUMI VEG SPRING ROLLS Starter - it was exactly what you would want from a spring roll. Crunchy on the outside & soft on the inside. Although only 2 spring rolls were served, cut into 4 pieces, it was good value for money.

CHICKEN, CORIANDER & CASHEW NUTS Dim Sum - beautiful looking parcels filled with chicken. Unfortunately we didn't get the coriander & cashew nut flavors, but it was well made.

WAGU NIGIRI Sushi - seared beef, served with wasabi mayo. This dish was perfection. The rice was slightly fried to seal with the flavor of the meat. Delicious! 

All the food was professionally presented, you can see a lot of work & pride goes into the preparation of their dishes.

After our meal, we ordered the KAWASURA ROLLS Dessert. Filled with sweet strawberries, hazelnuts & chocolate, served with ice-cream. It was beautifully presented, however we thought it wasn't much value for money. 

Overall, we had a lovely experience. Cowfish has a welcoming atmosphere, that makes you want to come in & get a table. We were happy with the friendly & professional staff & the manager Bianca. She was hands on & provided us with great customer service.

I personally loved their decor, with the accents of tropical leaves.

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Our experience was topped with a relaxed ambiance. This is the place you come, to enjoy great food & drinks, in good company. You could spend all day here & never feel rushed to leave.

Thank you to my friend Mary, for joining me in this new experience. We will most probably be back soon!

Have you been to Cowfish? If you've been, how was your experience?

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