Tapas Party Platter

Food has a way of bringing people together. Being in the catering industry, I always feel motivated to create food that is meant for sharing & inspire people to socialise.

There are no rules when it comes to making your own Tapas Platter, but here are some tips that I use, to help me create a beautiful food experience.

  • Get a wooden/ceramic platter or serving tray, even a cutting board will do!
  • Place the bowls for dips - center them on your platter or spread them out along the edges. It will start the framing of your platter. When choosing dips, having 2 options is great! Things like pesto, tzatziki or pates go very well with cheeses & cold meats.
  • Then it's time to place your cheeses - If you are not using any bowls, this will be your first step in building your platter. Choose at least 2 of your favorite cheeses. There are so many options! Aged cheeses (like Manchego or Cheddar) Soft cheeses (like Brie or Feta) & Strong cheeses (like Blue Cheese).
  • After you've placed the cheeses, mix it up with a selection of cold meats. My personal favorites are Jamon Serrano (Spanish Jam) & Salami. Having 2 options of cold meats is enough if you are making a mixed platter, with a lot of elements. Of course if you are only making a Cold Meat Platter, you can incorporate a wider variety with cooked meat, like Spicy Chorizo or meatballs.
  • At this point I like adding small tapas, something like canapes. This is completely up to your preference & the combinations you like. It's a great way to incorporate vegetarian options. Things like Caprese Sticks or Crostinis (with Smoked Salmon/Anchovies/Roasted Peppers) work go well. 
  • Include a selection of Fresh Breads & Crackers. Everyone likes building their personalised tapas, with the dips, cheeses & cold meats. So its's important to give them a base for their own masterpiece!
  • Then I think of adding some freshness, to break through the richness of the cheeses & meats, like pickled vegetables (Artichokes/Gherkins/Sun-dried Tomatoes) & olives. You can place them around any spaces that are still open or edges to give more filling to your platter.
  • To finish it off, let's end on a crunchy & sweet note. With hints of nuts, fruits (Grapes/Figs/Berries) or caramelised popcorn & chocolate.
  • You can also decorate your beautiful platter with fresh herbs - Rosemary is my favorite!

When building you platter, remember the idea is to offer a variety of flavors & textures, so don't be shy to get creative with interesting combinations. Your palat is the limit! 

I hope these tips inspire you to make your personalised Tapas Platter at your next party! If you try them or you have your own tips, share it with me on the comments below.

Con Amor